How to change your life


Awareness without change is simply trivia and has little

value. I have observed in many years of practice that

people know a lot. They have a great deal of knowledge

as a result of the Internet, television and access to

everything. This is great; however few ever make real

changes in spite of having the tools at their fingertips.

Knowledge is not enough. Awareness is not enough.

Awareness which leads to action builds the foundation

to change your life. This is where the links for change

are usually broken, people do not know how to or where to start.


Reducing your Stress load

The purpose of this book is to

help us to become aware of, and to reduce and gain

control of what we can, giving our body more ability to

adapt to what we can’t.

Non-Organic Foods vs. Organic Foods

Pesticides, herbicides, food waxes, hormones,

antibiotics and genetically modified plant proteins are

readily found in our non-organic food supply. There is a

great deal of talk these days about organic versus

non-organic food sources.

Hair Care, Skin Care

If you spray it on know it will end up in your lungs, if you apply it to your body, it we definitely end up in yourblood stream. This is an important fact, if it’s safe to eat then putting it in your hair or on your skin is a reasonable idea.

Gravity, Friction and Physical Effects of Life

Moving about the world as we live, work and play, and

the general function of our body also has an effect on

the specific parts that are allowing us to move at all.

Like the individual cells in our body, our individual parts

that allow movement and support to the muscles, spine and nerves are sensitive to physical imbalance.

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