My Story

Dr. Nigels journey to health began at a young age



 Growing up on a farm in western Canada, was a different life than most would experience. Raising animals, growing crops and working with the elements created a deep reverence for the cause and effect nature of our experiences. Although nature is one of Dr. Nigel's passions helping people has been his true purpose. Through various personal experiences he began to realize all things are the same, the nature you see outside of yourself, and nature you see and experience within are all subject to the same cause and effect patterns of life. 


Sadly, as Dr. Nigel began his medical carreer he realized this understanding was missing, and created great suffering. Is health cares purpose to create health? Sadly, this is not the case, it has been established to manage symptoms of disease. This understanding created great frustration for him since people did not understand that you do not need to experience disease as a right of passage of age, rather through understanding you can redirect your health and your future. Thus, his purpose was deepened and defined; build understanding, redefine beliefs and give all people seeking a new way of life the genuine opportunity to live a different experience.


Dr. Nigel has spent most of his life and the past 17 years learning, studying and observing what he has seen as the primary cause of health and disease. At Living Tree Center for Healing outside Cleveland, OH thousand of patients per year come from all over the country to regain the health they are capable of. Here he is able to lead, and teach his patients who are looking for answers to their own health dilemmas. He believes that we have forgotten that we first need to look “with-in” ourselves, before we see the changes outside of ourselves.


Dr. Nigel has observed that your beliefs determine the outcomes of your life, the missing link keeping most people stuck in an experience they do not desire. This approach may seem foreign to some, or even ‘out-there’ to others. However, he encourages you to think beyond what you have learned, beyond what you may know and start to look at yourself as the contributing factor to your own health and wellness.


“This book will give you the tools to look with-in, Dr. Nigel has outlined simple steps that anyone can take to create the life they Desire!”


Dr. Nigel received his doctorate degree from the university of Western State in Portland, OR. He has extensive training in functional medicine, nutrition and the effects of the mind, and the spirit. He is the director and founder of The Living Tree Center for Healing.


Dr. Nigel is married to Brandi and is father to Nicholas, Celeste, and Seth. He hopes you find encouragement and direction in his words.