We Are All the Same


         " Have you ever considered our sameness? Our world has become incredibly proficient at identifying our differences, yet have you really even considered how alike we all are? The Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, East, West, Black, White, Spanish, Caucasian, Baptists, Atheists, Muslims, Christians, Vegans, Carnivores, Fat, Thin, Strong, Weak, Gay, Straight, Republican, Democrat? Everyone one of these examples creates an instantaneous response of our differences, which yes do exist, yet our sameness is so much greater.


We have all heard that what we look for we find. Sadly, I have observed that most of our world has conditioned us to find our differences, which in turn increases our separation from each other. This separation of course creates resistance, conflict and barriers. Does this mean that we must always be in agreement? Of course this is not possible; however, an understanding of our ingrained pattern of creating barriers will be key as we progress in the understanding of our greatest barrier-“ourselves”-and more importantly, the internal responses we create within ourselves, which result in either an experience of Health, or the experience of disease.


          As we progress many of us will wonder, “What does our response to our differences have to do with health?” The answer will always be the same. Everything! How we respond to anything creates an effect on everything within our body, and most importantly our cells. Our responses can be differentiated into two groups. 1) The create ease, cooperation and health, or 2) They create friction, resistance or disease. As confusing as it all sounds, virtually every aspect, every action, every food and every thought can be categorized as supporting or resisting. If our focus is on differences we have a tendency to create within ourselves resistance or protection. When our focus is on similarities our tendency tends towards progression and cooperation. Of course there will be many exceptions; however, for our purposes it is extremely important to understand our physical responses. These responses whether we are aware of them or not affect our biology, immediately and temporarily, and eventually permanently. As our biology, or our cell actions change in time, our experiences change, from the experience of health to the experience of disease."


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Kerrin Winter-Churchill


I am currently reading Dr. Nigel's new book "The Stress Affect" and am finding it to be quite helpful. I never actually understood the mechanics of stress before and so, wasn't truly aware of how I manage to keep getting sick. The "Results/Belief's" exercise is also quite helpful and I'm making plans for a brand new "me." The Stress Affect by Dr. Nigel Brayer is an easy to read and helpful book which needs to be on Amazon so more people can benefit from its pages.

Lois Tinnor-Brown


Dr. Nigel's book is a guide for all of us on how to handle stress. His book offers practical, logical, choices and how to follow them.  That in turn brings a healthier and happier person.

Mild or intense stress is ever present. It creates so many health issues that don't necessarily manifest right away.

Stress is like a rubber band that can be stretched many times and still returns to its original state, but over time it will loose its elasticity and can no longer do the same function. Stress is similar and our physical body follows suit and any part of our body may react in a negative way.

We cannot escape stress, it is a part of life but we can learn and practice ways to cope and deal with it. 

Every home should have Dr. Brayers book as a "how to" for a better way of being.

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